A Poem- The elevator

Updated: May 14

The Elevator

The elevator is made to take you from the basement to the top floor, the highest floor. Without the elevator, what would happen to those in a wheelchair, bed-bound, disabled, and dismembered? They would be stuck in stagnation until they are completely physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially diminished.

But the elevator, it provided access to possibilities. The elevator provided options for one to choose landings, views, sceneries, open new doors and to grasp opportunities.

In order to function and accommodate the needs of so many, the elevator is serviced and maintained. You may never see the servicemen and the janitors but just imagine without maintenance the elevator would be sitting on the ground floor or in the basement with you.

Now you are on this promising elevator, and it is taking you to the floors you chose. You are elated. You are riding this elevator day, night, year in and year out. You bring company on this elevator and it accommodates that massive weight, pressure and traffic without a squeak or a screech. You see no faults in this elevator. Because this is all you have and all you know. And this elevator took you to these beautiful sceneries, opened doors for more opportunities. This elevator took you from nowhere to somewhere to everywhere.

Then you see these shiny new travellators. These new shiny travellators recognize that you are not a burden on their belts. A matter of fact they benefit by you riding on them now because they are not user friendly and many people are afraid of them! If you have no knowledge of where you are and where you are going and how to get there and how to move fast and right and not slow them down in any way then you cannot even get close to them! You cannot ride on them travellators. They are not waiting for you. They are not looking for you. A matter of fact travellators do not take you higher. They have to run on a smooth level surface requiring less maintenance than an elevator.

You are now able to tread these travellators like a pro. You can step on and off whether they are moving fast or slow. You can even run on these machines and not slip. You now trash that faithful elevator. It is suddenly too dirty, too filthy, screech and squeak too much. It is no longer moving in your direction nor moving you to your direction. It is not shiny and glossy any more. There are so many more alternatives to this elevator, now.

You can abandon that elevator if you so choose but do not tarnish that equipment. Someone else still needs a ride from nowhere to somewhere. If you see fingerprints, signs of tarnish, shine those spots. They are from your wear and tear! Keep that elevator spot free. Treasure the elevator even if you do not need a ride anymore, because, only now, your muscles and ligaments are mature and there are therapists, mechanics and engineers volunteering services and donating body parts to you that you do not need because you have learned how to maintain and manufacture all the above through the use of that one single elevator.

Think one day, what if I fall, what if I slip on these travellators? Will they run me over? How do I get to a safe and comfortable position? Only the elevator can take you to and from different levels safely. Where ever you crash on a travellator, is where that travellator will leave you.

If I had the pleasure of using an elevator in my life that is no longer relevant to my success, I would ensure no one smears this elevator. This elevator would be a centerpiece of my future collections. I would build a glass display and store my elevator away from the elements and on top of a pedestal so my elevator is off limits to any kind of criticism or ridicule because there is no way a travellator could take me from the basement to the 100th floor.

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