The stop light

Updated: May 13

We are all at the stop light together but we will reach our destinations at different times. The time each of us reaches our destination depends on several factors, the type of car we are driving, the condition of our cars or even the amount of weight that’s in our car.

See, for certain driving conditions, weight is good. Like in heavy snow and ice we need that traction. At that time, you need that weight to keep your car from skidding. At other times and different weather condition, weight in your car can be a deterrent.

Focus on your goals, put energy into getting where you want to be in your life. It may not happen at the same pace as everyone else but it will come to fulfilment. Never compare yourself with your neighbor, coworker or even a sibling. Everyone has a story regardless of how it may look.

Without a goal there can be no plan, dream big and plan to execute your dreams.

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