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Cigna (AZ)


What We Offer

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

60 mins
Starting at $250

A mental health evaluation gives a provider a picture of how a person feels, reasons, thinks, and remembers. Through a series of questions and physical tests, a professional can diagnose several mental disorders.

Medication Management

15-30 mins

The provider and the patient discuss symptom management and work together to arrive at the best treatment using an evidence-based approach. The patient's symptoms, response, and any side effects are monitored and managed to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Counseling for Individuals and Families

60-90 mins
Starting at $150

All patients are not candidates for pharmacotherapy. Some conditions can be managed using therapy, medications, or a combination of both approaches. The client and provider work together to decide the best strategy to handle the patient's mental health.

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Personalized Appointment Bookings

15 mins

We do not live in the perfect world. Clients go above and beyond for their families and customers, so we go above and beyond to accommodate you. We meet you where you are to ensure you get the care and maintenance you need.
When necessary, please cancel scheduled appointments within 24 hours to avoid potential charges.